Swedish Board of Agriculture’s Animal Welfare Council 


Web address

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Scope/mission statement

The Swedish Board of Agriculture has an Animal Welfare Council to support the work with animal welfare issues. The Councils mission is to act as an advisory body on issues regarding animal welfare and to provide a forum for exchange of information on the topic. The aim of the council is also to contribute to promoting the development of ethics, education and research in the field of animal welfare. The Council may also initiate investigations, reports, meetings and seminars, and propose plans of action and promote animal welfare measures.


The Council is comprehensively composed and includes representatives of various agencies and organizations. At present, the Animal Welfare Council consist of representatives from: the Swedish Board of Agriculture, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Animals Rights, Animal Welfare Sweden, The Federation of Swedish Farmers, the County Administrative Boards, the Swedish Veterinary Association, the organization for animal welfare inspectors, an animal ethicist and a professor in ethology at Linköping University.