About EuroFAWC

Animal welfare plays an increasingly important role in our society: societal views on the use of animals by humans and on the human – animal relationship are changing rapidly within many European countries.


Because of these interest and concerns, various European countries have set up Animal Welfare Councils to provide national governments and others with sound scientific and ethical advice about animal welfare.


In 2006, we founded EuroFAWC: the European Forum for Animal Welfare Councils. EuroFAWC provides a platform for informed debate, for sharing information and views and a network for Animal Welfare Councils throughout Europe.


For a list of councils see tab 'Participants'.


Because most Animal Welfare Councils have been established to provide their national governments with expert, independent advice, EuroFAWC is not set up to act on behalf of its participants. Instead, we share our mutual experiences, knowledge and findings through our forum. We also provide a network of like-minded contacts for our participants.