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Central Commission for Animal Welfare


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Scope/mission statement

The activity of the Central Commission for Animal Welfare (hereinafter referred to as the CCAW) is laid down in provisions of Section 21 of the Act No 246/1992 Coll., on the protection of animals against cruelty, as amended (Animal Welfare Act). It is established as advisory body for Minister of Agriculture in the field of animal protection and welfare.



CCAW bodies are Chairperson and Board. CCAW consists of four Committees:

  • Committee for the Protection of Companion (Pet) Animals
  • Committee for the Protection of Farm Animals
  • Committee for the Protection of Wild Animals
  • Committee for the protection of Laboratory Animals    

Each member works for one of the Committees and represents specific concerned party (authorities, academia and NGOs). CCAW has minimum of 17 and maximum of 26 members. All members are appointed and withdrawn by Minister of Agriculture in consensus with Minister of Environment. CCAW Board consists of CCAW Chairperson and of Chairpersons of the four Committees.


Working methods

CCAW members meet regularly at least 10 times a year on plenary sessions. Board meets every month between plenary sessions. It manages CCAW activities in between plenary sessions and co-ordinates work of the four Committees. Committees can meet more frequently according to their needs.


Within their scope, Committees continuously address the topical issues, prepare supporting materials for decision making of the CCAW plenary sessions and handle the assigned correspondence. CCAW produces opinions, appeals, decisions and reports on animal welfare issues based mainly upon its own request, upon request from Minister, from relevant ministerial departments or from other subjects. Approved opinions, appeals and decisions also provide basis for work and decision making of Animal Welfare Division at Ministry of Agriculture.


Contact details

Postal Address: Těšnov 17, 117 05 Prague 1, Czech Republic


Telephone: 221 812 441